About us

Gemini is a student organization which looks after international students at Pforzheim University during their stay. Our motto is "Nations Together" and we have approximately 50 active members who are interested in supporting and getting to know our 120 exchange students. 
Our objective is to help building up relationships with other cultures in times of increasing globalisation. To achieve this we wish to introduce our guests to the German way of life and mentality that they may gain an understanding of the different cultures. We are financed by the DAAD.

Buddy Program

The meaning of the word Gemini is "twin". The ideology of Gemini is that every international student has the opportunity to have a German twin or "buddy". During the semester they can decide how much time they want to spend together and what activities they wish to do. We hope that friendships will develop and may be buddies will have the opportunity to visit the home countries of our guests one day.


Another highlight of our social calendar are the trips to places of interest in the surrounding area such as the town of Freiburg and Strassburg as well as longer trips to Germany's major tourist sights like Berlin or Hamburg. Further activities are things like cooking traditional German food, bowling or barbeques in the summer. For educational purposes we also organize tours of German companies such as breweries or more famous businesses like Daimler Chrysler. Our target is to build up friendships all over the world and remove prejudices to help the world grow together.